How to windows 10 anniversary update guide ?

This is an update with lots of new features and performance improvements. You will find many changes such as: Windows Ink touch pen support, Microsoft Edge extension, improved Start menu, Cortana and much more …

Microsoft insists the user does not need to do anything to update, it can appear at any time on your computer. If your computer is not available, please refer to the following guidelines to become one of the first to experience.

Update from Windows Update:

The best way to get an update on your computer is by using Windows Update. Starting August 2, you can download the update using the following steps:

Start> Setting> Update and Security> Windows Update> Check Update> Download.

After your device successfully connects to the Windows Update server, the build 1607 will start downloading. Then click “Restart Now” to complete the installation. This process takes 1 hour, please be patient!

Update download speed is too slow, use the following:

Microsoft gives you a tool to download updates faster than the main update, the Media Creation Tool. It can be downloaded and then upgraded locally or saved as an ios file for installation on another computer without reloading. To do this follow these instructions:

Download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft.
Double-click on MediaCreationTool.exe to launch this tool. Follow the steps until you get to Windows 10 Setup.
Select Upgrade this computer now (Update Now).

Click Next.

After the download is complete, click Accept to agree to the terms.

By default, the application will ask you to keep your personal files, applications, etc. You can change that in the options if you want to erase all data.

Click Install button to start the update process.

By default, after the upgrade, your data will be retained without losing (peace of mind). Upgrading process may take some time depending on Internet speed, hardware or other factors, but not more than 30 minutes.

If you do not wish to receive this and subsequent releases:

If you do not want to receive any more updates, please follow these instructions:

Start> Setting> Update and Security> Into the Insider Program> Stop Insider Preview builds> Need to stop getting Insider builds completely? > Confirm> Restart Now.

Now your device can not receive any updates! However, when the Insider program ends and an official Windows 10 release occurs, the computer will always alert you for updates.

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