Using sticky notes windows 10 simple !

Step 1: Download and install Vov Sticky Notes here: Download Vov Sticky Notes
Step 2: Once installed, the corner of your screen will display a pretty simple notes. You can drag the corner, the edge, the border of the note to shrink, so that there are more spaces to write.

Step 3: To add a new note, click New.

Step 4: Click Delete and click OK on the Confirm box to delete any notes.

Step 5: You can change the color of each sheet by clicking on the box that shows the color of the note next to the New button and selecting the color you want then clicking OK.

Step 6: To create a reminder for an important event that you need attention, right-click on the Vov Sticky Notes icon in the taskbar and select New Reminder …

Step 7: On the New Reminder dialog you can choose to remind once, hourly, daily, monthly and annually. And select the warning time along with the content displayed in the Note section and then click Save to save and create a reminder.

Step 8: If the font on Vov Sticky Notes can not be displayed in Vietnamese with accent marks or errors then you can change the font by clicking Change Text Font in Settings when right-click on the Vov Sticky Notes icon. Taskbar.

Step 9: Select the font, font style, size, effect and color to match your note and note.

The above is a guide to help you use Vov Sticky Notes on Windows 10 to create notes, reminders when you have the information to save or important appointments. If you do not want to make notes on your desktop when you are not always aware of the desktop, then you can create notes on Google Chrome to save important content right on your Google Chrome screen if you Frequent use of the world’s leading browser.
Also, if you use iPhone, you’ll probably need to create a note on your iPhone to remind yourself when using your iPhone or iPad.

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