Installation instructions for wifi on tp-link device

Here are the steps to set up wifi on the tp-link device you need to know :

+ Step 1: First you need to prepare a wired network with 2 pre-set, usually when buying TP-Link is already in it.


+ Step 2: Next you plug one end of the wire into the LAN port (yellow) of the TP-Link, the other end plugged into the computer then open the browser to access the address => Press Enter to Visit, if the connection error, then you F5 to re-enter offline. If the above address can not be entered, then you can try to address or flip over the TP-Link to see the login information is written on the product.

=> Until the login window appears like this:

Note: If you connect TP-Link to the computer successfully, the network icon will be cleared or yellow exclamation mark. The red x is not right.

Here you can login with uses with pass is admin. Usually, that depends on your version. Or you can get the login information on the back of TP-Link.

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+ Step 3: At the main interface of TP-Link you access Wireless section select Wireless Settings.
Type the name of the transmitter in the Wireless Network Name field and click Save to save.

+ Step 4: Next you go to the Wireless Security section to set the password for Wifi.
In this section there are security types like “WEP”, “WPA / WPA2 – Enterprise”, “WPA / WPA2 – Personal”.

I choose WPA / WPA2 – Personal (Recommended). Enter the security type you want and then enter your password in the Password (Note the password must be 8 or more)

+ Step 5: Scroll down to the DHCP section (also known as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

Enable the DHCP feature by ticking the Enable line and then clicking Save to save.

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+ Step 6: Next, go to Network> on LAN to change IP of TP-Link. This step is extremely important. If its default is I will change to or you can set other numbers but also have to remember to access them later to manage, for example to change the password for wifi hate.

Note: In this article I am going to show you how to configure the internet connection to the WAN port (green port) of the transmitter, and if you want to configure it to plug into a LAN port (yellow port), then you You must set the IP address of the same network layer as the modem. For example, if your modem has an IP address of, you must set the IP address of the transmitter to and disable DHCP. For more details, please see this article “How to install WiFi network in the company, hotel ..”.

+ Step 7: Also the last step, you click on “System Tool”> on “Reboot” then click on “Reboot” to complete the installation process.

You wait a while for it to run and then use the network cable connected from the LAN port of the moden to the WAN port (green) of TP-Link is able to connect to the Wifi network you just created it.

Reset TP-Link
After a long time using the Wifi transmitter is difficult to avoid errors. May cause your network to be lagged or lose your Wifi signal and you have restarted but failed. At this time, you must reset the transmitter to reset TP-Link.

Look to the Reset button, keep this button for 30 seconds to all lights are light, then plug the cable connected to the computer and reinstall from the beginning as instructed above.


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