How to install windows 10 by CD/DVD ?

The first is to put the installation disk or USB boot into the machine to prepare to install. Also a necessary step for some machines do not automatically boot from the USB. To adjust, you enter the BIOS by: at startup you press DEL, F8, F10, … Note that this depends on the different models, you can see the way to the bios of the current popular laptop. At this point, it will show up at startup whichever crystal will see. After entering the BIOS you find the boot order selection OS is from USB.
To be able to edit the BIOS to boot from a USB or DVD / CD with Windows to enable booting into the operating system from the first USB / CD / DVD, let’s work together on how to install windows 10 by CD/DVD.

Step 1 : Set time, keyboard, then click Next

Step 2 : Click on install now

Step 3 : Press I do not have a product key

Step 4 : Choose the Windows 10 operating system you want to install, then click Next.

Step 5 : Select I accept the license terms then click Next

Step 6 : Select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)

Step 7 : Select the hard drive you want to install the operating system on, click Next

Step 8 : The installation process will take 10-15 minutes depending on the configuration of your computer fast or slow

Step 9 : Once installed, the device will reboot and return to the initial setup screen

Step 10 : Click Use Express settings for the device to automatically set up for the first time, then click Customize to customize the settings.

Step 11 : Select I own it then click Next

Step 12 : Click Skip this step to skip the step to sign in to your Microsoft account

Step 13 : Create login account and login password for the computer

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Step 14 : Click Not now to temporarily skip the use of Cortana virtual assistant

Step 15 : Wait a moment for the device to set up for the first run, do not shutdown during this time.

And now you can use Windows 10 on your computer


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