How to install icloud for windows 10 ?

1. Download and install iCloud

Quite strange when Apple did not mention the version of iCloud for Windows on their home page, but placed in the support that many users do not know. So click on the following link to get to iCloud for Windows:
Download iCloud for Windows
2. Login account

The next step is the same as what you would have done on iOS or Macbook devices is to sign in to your Apple ID account.

3. Select the data you want to sync

ICloud for Windows supports synchronization of individual data items that can be customized according to user needs including: Image, Drive, bookmark from Safari browser to Internet Explorer. In addition, this software can integrate deeply into the schedule, contacts and Outlook on Windows.

4. Search sync data

Unlike Dropbox, which automatically creates a quick path to the sync folder on your computer, iCloud Drive does not appear on the File Explorer that you have manually accessed. Here are the steps to create a quick path for iCloud:

Visit the iCloud directory under the following path: C: / User / (name of PC) / iCloud Drive

Look for the iCloud Drive folder and right-click and select “Pin to Quick Access”.
So from the iCloud Drive folder, your data will be located in the left area each time you turn on Windows Explorer.

Read it, try downloading and experiencing iCloud for Windows. Good luck.

If you want more information please refer to the article below :


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