Auto disable windows 10 update on your computer

Unlike previous versions of Windows, users can completely turn off windows’ update feature to avoid being disturbed during use or to avoid using windows for a long time. On Windows 10, Microsoft no longer has the option of completely shutting down the update, but the update will automatically fail to notify the user.

However, you also have the option to turn off automatic update of this notification with the following custom.

First in the Search box, enter the word Update, then select Chek for updates

Continue to select Advances Options

In the Choose how update are installed section select Notify to scheldule restart instead of Automatic

This setup can not completely disable the automatic update, but will notify you before updating to prepare in advance to avoid the effect of using the computer.

You can also choose to Defer Updates on your windows 10 Pro, Home does not have this feature.

Also, you should disable the feature: Windows Update Delivery Optimization to reduce the bandwidth during the use of windows 10 slowing down the computer or network lag. By choosing Choose how updates are delivered. And off.

Delaying Update will keep your computer from automatically updating your incoming calls within a few months, but new features or bug fixes will not be updated. So if you use windows 10 license, do not turn off Update

Also to turn off Windows update on windows you can disable in the service. Enter in the search box the word “service” then select the result

Scroll down to select Windows Update -> Stop -> Select Disable -> Ok

So you can turn off Windows update

You can refer to the links below for more details on issues related to windows 10 :


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