4 Important Steps To Lose Weight By Eating Clean

One of the best methods to lose weight is by eating a healthy diet that is loaded with fat burning foods. You may be Rocky Balboa in the gym, but if you don’t care how you eat you will never get the shape you want. So If you want results, than eat smart. Yes, workout is important but your diet should be the key if you want to lose weight because what you eat is how you look on the outside.

That’s why in this tutorial I am going to walk you through four steps that will help you to lose weight by eating and actually keeping it off permanently.

How To Lose Weight By Eating Clean

How To Lose Weight by Eating?

Action 1. You must remove all artificial sweeteners and processed foods from your diet

So, in this tutorial, I will tell you to avoid most of your favorite foods like pies or chocolate. No. In fact, we’re going to tell you to stop eating dangerous artificial foods and start eating smart and clean.

What is clean eating?

This term has been thrown around a lot. But what that mean exactly?
Clean eating = removing all processed, artificial foods from your eating habits and focusing on whole and healthy foods.
Look at it this method, you are organic creatures so we must eat organic food from nature. In other words, you want to focus your efforts on eating clean, organic earth produced foods as it will help you to live a much longer, healthier life, beautify your skin and helps to keep off excessive weight.

How to eat smart?

If you want to lose weight, you will eat smart. You must start eating vegetables and organic fruits, and get your meats from the butcher. If you eat cheese a lot than I suggest to eat cotton cheese because is low in fat. If you want chocolate instead of the sugar – free chocolate I suggest you natural dark chocolate that is made from cocoa.

Now, start eating more fat burning foods: oats, whole wheat, apples, eggs, spinach, almond milk, broccoli, green tea, coffee, beans, lentils, berries, hot peppers.

How To Lose Weight by Eating #1

TIP: One thing you should bear in mind is that raw foods have more nutrition as they are not processed or denatured. So for example, when eating salads always use raw vegetables instead of cooking them as you do not want to destroy its health properties.

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Action 2. Plan out your meals and keep track of what you eat and drink

It is very important to start planning your meals, it seems like a lot of work but with today’s technology this problem is solved thanks to food apps that you can download on your phone. These apps can help you to plan your meals and keep tracking your diet plan calories. I don’t want to become robot and slave of your diet plan, but to start eating smart. Healthy lifestyle is not a task, it’s culture, the way you want to live. So I just want to have a habit for making balanced diet plan.

But what about calories?

So we’re on the topic of meal plan therefore, we must talk about how many calories you should consume. So let’s say your dream goal weight is 130 pounds, to find out the amount of calories you must consume daily just add a zero to the end of the amount you weigh and if you’re done it correctly then you will get your daily calorie goal. For this example it will be 1300 calories. This will give you a good range to work with so that you don’t end up starving but not over eating.

Action 3. You need to start moving your body more

Remember weight-loss is 40% of exercise and 60% of what you eat. One of the biggest issues people have is extra skin or loose skin which happens after weight loss. The best way to deal with this issue is with exercise. Doing exercises will help to increase the skin’s elasticity and you don’t have to spend 1 hour exercising, you can spend 20 minutes doing some intense cardio or even yoga.

Action 4. Start drinking 1 gallon of water a day

How To Lose Weight by Eating #1

Water is the key for losing weight because naturally boosts your metabolism along along with many other additional health benefits .

How much water should you drink?

Drinking this amount of water will help to increase your metabolism, help to flush toxins from your body and help to aid in weight loss.

“Trying to lose weight doesn’t have to be hard. When you follow a good weight loss plan and stick with it, you will not only lose weight but also live a happier and healthy life.”

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